Rønnør: After 10 years running under the name Run2Day, it was time for a new step, or rather a new route. Almost a year ago we have completely renewed our running specialty store and renamed it to Rønnør. In addition to our extensive (running) range, our store also offers a free running analysis when purchasing your new shoes, free consultation hours ranging from sports massage and physiotherapy to (sports) podotherapy and a lifestyle coach. Furthermore, we have been a loyal sponsor of Asterix for years and a large number of running events in and around Eindhoven.

Brabants Landschap (www.brabantslandschap.nl): Brabants Landschap stands for nature conservation close to home. Not only in their own nature reserves, but also beyond. With a small work organization and a lot of cooperation, we pursue our goals.

Brabant Landscape has been protecting nature in Brabant since 1932. We do this ourselves, by purchasing and managing areas, but also by supporting others with advice on landscape management and species protection. We are also in constant consultation with others to keep the province beautiful and - if possible - to make it even more beautiful.

Pepper and salt catering is a Eindhoven catering company of Corry and Joop Broeders

You can go to Pepper and salt catering for lunches, brunches, sandwiches, soups, barbecues, tapas, tapenades, snacks, salads, theme catering Indonesian, Italian, Spanish and Surinamese.

We make almost everything ourselves. We always receive positive reactions to our catering assignments.

Feel free to contact us via 06-12422389 about the options and prices.

Are you also interested in becoming a sponsor of the NSK Cross 2020? Please feel free to contact use by mail. If you are interested in another healthy and sportive event, take a look at https://www.asterixatletiek.nl or send a mail to info@asterixatletiek.nl.