The Dommelloop offers something for everyone as it offers vrious different race lenghts. For the real long distance runners among us, we have the 10 km, of course. You can also come together with 3 other friends to participate the relay race, in which the 4 runners each run 2,5 km. If you are bit more sporty or are you friends not fast enough, try to improve your personal record on the 5 km. For the children, we naturally have a beautiful kidsrun of 800 meters.

A brief summary:

  • Kidsrun (from 4 years): 800 meter
  • Relay: 4 x 2,5 km (each 1 round)
  • Dommel 5: 5 km (2 rounds)
  • Dommel 10: 10 km (4 rounds)