Due to circumstances, routes and distances are changed. The current information on the website are the correct ones.

14.30h:    Long-distance cross Women (senior + student, 6.1 km)*

14.30h:    Long-distance cross Men (senior + student, 8.8 km)*

15.20h:    Short-distance cross Women (senior + student, 2.7 km)*

15.40h:    Short-distance cross Men (senior + student, 2.7 km)*

16.00h:    Playful item: 4*400m relay (senior + student)

16.20h:   Playful item: 800m sprint (senior + student)

± 16.45h:  Prize giving (senior + student)

* Long-distance cross Men/Women is combined. In case of a too large number of participants, the race may be split between the two groups. When that is the case, it will be mentioned on the website as well as via e-mail.


Long Cross Men (8.8 km): 1 blue round + 3 red rounds

Long Cross Women (6.1 km): 1 blue round + 2 red rounds

Short Cross Men (2.7 km): 1 red round

Short Cross Women (2.7 km): 1 red round

4 x 400m relay: 4 x 1 purple round

800m start from starting block: 2 purple rounds


The courses of the races are located in nature reserve Stratumse Heide and set in collaboration with environmental organization Brabants landschap